sobota, 3 stycznia 2009

Films about Japan

明けましておめでとうございます。 皆様のご健康をお祈り申し上げます!

I found some really interesting movies about Japan on, so here are the links:

Japan: Robot Nation a really interesting program from Adam Yamaguchi about the demographic prospects for Japan in the coming years. Do you know anything about Brazilian minority in Japan? Or that there are special host bars for women? Or princess cafes? Well, I didn't. Really amazing documentary. And Adam Yamaguchi's films are done with skill!

Jozen in Japan a short, 8 minute program about Jozen, who is an English teacher in a small town of Toki, Japan. Very interesting from my perspective.

Suicide in Japan Adam Yamaguchi explores the suicide culture in Japan.

Suicide chat rooms in Japan another one from Adam Yamaguchi.

Tokyo homeless town a short story about homeless in Shibuya. Ever since I saw pictures of homeless town in Joanna Bator's book I wanted to know something more about that.

Goths & Lolitas a VC about
Harajuku fashion. I was always (as an observer) fascinated by it but it gives me creeps.

A bit of Xmas in Japan So something more than just クリスマス ケーキ. Not a really good video IMHO but gives you some basic idea about Christmas in Japan. Dave is also a teacher and he also had a delay with getting the documents, like practically everybody I know who went to Japan. He also has a longish video about why he likes Japan. And I got a decent answer to that question, long but decent.

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